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What Does Your Medicare Really Cover?

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If you rely on Medicare for your preventive dental care and cleanings, you may be shocked to learn that you will need to cover the majority of costs yourself. OHA (Oral Health America) surveyed people aged 50 and older in 2015 to see how seniors are meeting their dental care needs. The survey covers seniors’  perceptions of the care they’re getting—and how they’re paying for it. When asked if Medicare covers routine dental services, more than half of the respondents were either uncertain or believed they were covered. Unfortunately, many retirees don’t discover that they’re not covered until post-appointment. 

Currently, medicare doesn’t cover most dental services. Yes, you read that right. According to, Medicare does NOT cover:

  •        dental cleanings
  • ...
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How to Stop Being Scared of Dental Cleanings

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If the thought of going for dental cleanings makes you anxious, you’re not alone.

According to Alfred Wyatt, DMD, an estimated 20% of people only go to the dentist when absolutely necessary.  So why risk going unless you absolutely have to? The truth is, you DO absolutely have to—if you value your health. Besides the cosmetic benefits like fresh breath and a brighter smile, regular dental cleanings prevent gum disease and let your dentist detect an array of serious health conditions in their early phases, like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Compelling health facts may not be enough to lessen your fear. Here’s what you can do:

1. Consult with different dentists before you commit...

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Composite Fillings: Getting Patients to Accept Them

Dental Filling Arise Dental - Glendale Arizona

It’s no secret that your priorities as a dental professional are restoring teeth to the best condition possible, while preventing oral health issues. But how do you make these your patients’ priorities? One way is to leverage composite dental fillings. With the rise in demand for beautiful smiles, Composite Fillings marry form and function – an aesthetic alternative to the mercury and silver fillings many of your patients may have. Dr. Quin Gardener, who practices dentistry at Arise Dental in Glendale Arizona mentioned 3 tips to help with case acceptance.

Tips for Dental Filling Acceptance

1.  Treat the person first, then the condition: Before you make the case for ANY procedure, get to know your patients personally...

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Dental Cleanings With Your Dental Hygienist

Dental Cleanings and Prevention

When you go to the dentist, more times than most you are there to have your teeth cleaned, x-rayed for new cavities, and have a cavities and gum disease screening. The majority of this visit is with someone who is not the dentist – it’s with the hygienist. But what exactly is a hygienist, and why is it that they are the only ones in the practice to clean your teeth every 6 months?

What is a Dental Hygienist?

Registered Dental Hygienists are the equivalent of Registered Nurses in the dental world. They can carry a bachelor or associates degree in Dental Hygiene from a college or university that has been accredited with the State Dental and Licensing Board...

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