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Professional Teeth Whitening for Life


There was a time when bright, white smiles were reserved for Hollywood celebrities. But in this new age of selfies and social media, everyone wants to feel confident about showing off their beautiful white teeth. Agave Dental has the answer: Professional Teeth Whitening for Life.

A Reward for Good Dental Health

Agave Dental likes to recognize those patients who take their dental health seriously, because it’s proven that patients who keep regular hygiene appointments spend less on dental care than those who visit the dentist only when they think there’s a problem. As an incentive, Agave offers patients 18 and older who attend regular preventative hygiene appointments and follow a recommended treatment plan the opportunity to receive Professional Teeth Whitening for Life.

How it Works

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Should You Wait on That Filling?

Dental Filling Phoenix Arizona

Your dentist just told you that one of your teeth needs a dental filling, but up until the time of your appointment the tooth hasn’t hurt one bit. In fact, you’re starting to think that your dentist is just maybe making something up in order to put a few more dollars in their pocket. How can you know if it’s just something that can wait or if you should hop right after it?

Cavities are Best Treated When They are Small

Addressing your cavities or replacing old dental fillings is best done as early as possible. This helps the restoration be as small as possible. Why is this important? Because the smaller the new filling is, the healthier tooth enamel you are able to preserve.

It Will Keep Your Cost of Care Down

The smaller the filling, the lower your treatment costs will be...

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