Professional Teeth Whitening for Life


There was a time when bright, white smiles were reserved for Hollywood celebrities. But in this new age of selfies and social media, everyone wants to feel confident about showing off their beautiful white teeth. Agave Dental has the answer: Professional Teeth Whitening for Life.

A Reward for Good Dental Health

Agave Dental likes to recognize those patients who take their dental health seriously, because it’s proven that patients who keep regular hygiene appointments spend less on dental care than those who visit the dentist only when they think there’s a problem. As an incentive, Agave offers patients 18 and older who attend regular preventative hygiene appointments and follow a recommended treatment plan the opportunity to receive Professional Teeth Whitening for Life.

How it Works

It’s really simple. You pay an enrollment fee at your first preventative appointment and receive the whitening trays and a tube of professional whitening gel. Then, you’ll receive an additional tube of gel at each preventative appointment going forward for as long as you’re an Agave Dental Patient. Your teeth and gums will stay healthy and everyone will ask how you keep your smile so white. Even if you’re not one to take and post a lot of photos, there are plenty of other reasons to make sure your smile is dazzling, including:

 Weddings, reunions and other special events

 Job interviews or important meetings

 Getting back in the dating pool

 Increased sense of confidence and well-being

New Patient Special

Agave Dental is currently welcoming new patients with a $49 special that includes:

 Digital X-rays

 Complete dental exam

 Oral cancer screening

 Consultation with treatment recommendations

You’ll also have the opportunity to enroll in Professional Tooth Whitening for Life at your first appointment. What will you do when you have an incredible white smile? Tell us in a comment below.

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